Sponsorship Program

Welcome to our Sponsorship Program. Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing you to some amazing cats. These kitties have survived hardship and have found their way to Feline Friends through the help of kind people along the way. Each of them has a challenge that makes them unable to be adopted. We give them the medical care they need, along with all the love they could ask for.

But we need your help! Providing the complex medical care some of these animals require can be expensive. Through our Sponsorship Program, you can set up a recurring monthly sponsorship, and know that you are helping us to help these cats. Your monthly donation also helps to help support our general population at the sanctuary.

Thank you!

DB came to Feline Friends in 2015 after he was surrendered to an area shelter. However, because he was a victim of years of teasing, he was aggressive. The shelter considered him “unadoptable,” and he might have been euthanized.  Luckily, there was another option. The shelter immediately contacted Feline Friends.

DB came to us afraid to interact with volunteers or other cats, and stayed in his crate. But over time and with gentle care from volunteers and acceptance from the other cats, he slowly started to trust. DB now greets visitors at the sanctuary with loving confidence. His fear and aggression are gone. We have learned that DB is bilingual, too. Volunteer Hector and DB have a special bond. DB rubs himself on Hector until Hector cannot complete any chores. When gently chided in Spanish to “go to the other room” DB does just that!

DB’s story of transformation is one of many that’s been made possible by the generosity of warm-hearted donors like you. Please consider making an ongoing contribution to support DB and his Feline Friends.


Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($10 Recurring)

Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($20 Recurring)

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