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Below is a sampling of our resident kitties who are in desperate need of your support. Some of their stories are heartbreaking, and go above and beyond the usual needs of most rescues — but they are all part of our family and with your help, we are committed to not giving up on them as many other rescues might have by now. Please take a few moments to get to know them by reading their short stories — not just the hard struggles they’ve endured but the beautiful friendship and positive companionship they continue to return to our mission as well!

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   In Memory Of
Zeus Eddie Patrick
Gracie Callie Robyn
Even the healthiest of cats need vet care. Please consider making a monthly donation to help support our general population at the sanctuary.

Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($10 Recurring)

Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($20 Recurring)

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