In the spring of 2014, Feline Friends got a call from another rescue organization asking us to take in two cats. One was adopted out immediately but the other, a handsome, long-haired orange male named Bear, entered the sanctuary supposedly on death’s door. Estimated to be ten years at intake, he seemed gruff and lethargic, unwilling to socialize.

Since there was a black cat named Bear already at Feline Friends – and orange is barely the color for a bear – a name change to Bear Lee coincided with his change of address.


We soon discovered that Bear Lee is a catnip junkie. Now animated, he has a clownish spirit. He may be elderly but Bear Lee responds to playtime with toys and lasers like an adolescent!


Converted to a human equivalent, Bear Lee is over 72 years old. His teeth are gone and his once vibrant fur coat is dull but he remains engaged, wobbling over to volunteers to be pet, to have his chin wiped or to claim a coveted dish of cream.

Bear Lee has an active and healthy appetite for a special canned food that is served to him twice a day. Each can costs $3 which adds up to $42 every week, over $170 every month!  But this old guy deserves all the care and love he savors at his forever home in Feline Friends.


Bear Lee’s transformation from unsociable miscreant to mischievous kitty is one of many that’s been made possible by the generosity of warm-hearted donors like you. Please consider sponsoring Bear Lee to help cover the costs of his special diet and maintain his collection of catnip toys.


Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($10 Recurring)

Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($20 Recurring)

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