Wander around Feline Friends cat sanctuary for just a few minutes, and you notice a curious sight — each water dish contains three or four nuggets of dry cat food. As quickly as our volunteers can refill the bowls, the nuggets mysteriously reappear.


Ask around, and you soon find the “culprit”: a handsome tuxedo named DB. Acting alone and with motives still to be determined, he deliberately deposits dry food into the water bowls throughout the sanctuary.

A victim of teasing at the hands of a teenager, DB came to Feline Friends in 2015 after he was surrendered to an area shelter by a loving woman who could no longer take permanent care of him. However, his aggressive behavior labeled him “unadoptable.”  He became a candidate for euthanasia.

A transfer was arranged from the shelter to Feline Friends, a no-kill cat sanctuary. DB arrived in a fragile emotional state. Initially unwilling to interact with volunteers or other cats, DB confined himself to his crate. This went on for a while, until one day a cat named Lorenzo strolled by his crate . . . and there it was: DB poked out a paw as a greeting. Ultimately, he needed the spark of a new feline friend to overcome his loneliness — and in no time, he blossomed!


We have since discovered that DB is bilingual, too. A special bond has developed between DB and one of our volunteers, Hector. DB rubs himself on Hector until Hector cannot complete any chores. When gently chided in Spanish to “go to the other room” DB does just that!


DB now greets visitors at the sanctuary with loving confidence. His aggression has faded, but his endearing habit of depositing food into the water bowls continues to baffle us. But here at Feline Friends it’s completely acceptable: Feline Friends allows all cats to be exactly who they are.


DB’s story of transformation is one of many that’s been made possible by the generosity of warm-hearted donors like you. Please consider making a contribution today.


Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($10 Recurring)

Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($20 Recurring)

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