Lulabelle is a plump, orange tabby with one of the saddest histories we know of. Lulabelle came from an incredibly abusive situation. She was used as “dog bait” for two large dogs who would terrorize her. She was also literally tossed around like a football by the teenage sons of her former owners, and forced to eat left over dog food.

It is no surprise that “Lula” is still quite nervous around people. Lula has the most gentle, soulful eyes that still convey a pain and fear that she will forever labor to overcome. Her sad story angers and frustrates all of us, but we have made great progress with this brave, special cat.

Lulabelle now tolerates being petted for short periods of time, although she still often pulls her head back and twitches when touched. She loves all kinds of crunchy cat treats, and loves canned cat food with gravy, which she gets whenever she wishes. She has even grown comfortable enough that she will play with string toys now, although she generally is a solitary kitty.

Because of her background, Lulabelle is a permanent resident at Feline Friends, where she can usually be found napping on an armchair. Costs for her ongoing care are high given that she must be sedated before transportation to the vet or the groomer, and regular grooming sessions are essential to keep her long fur from becoming matted. She is a prime example of the type of cat that Feline Friends seeks to rescue and provide a happy home for, and she is looking for a sponsor who wants to help a previously abused pet live out the rest of her life in comfort and safety.

Sedation for vet care – $10 a month


“Special” treats and food – $20 a month


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