Merlin is a fluffy, gray kitty who came to Feline Friends as a feral cat. A feral cat is a cat who lives primarily outdoors in his or her cat “colony,” away from human contact. Feral cats are generally wary of humans, and Merlin was no exception. Merlin and the other cats in his colony were pulled out of an unsafe neighborhood and now reside at Feline Friends. Merlin has changed his ways and has become very comfortable around people, truly enjoying human companionship. He also adores his kitty friends (especially Robyn!) and is quite the charmer, even snuggling with one of the other kitties who generally does not enjoy feline companionship.

Merlin loves attention and “speaks” in little squeaky noises and soft meows when addressing his human friends. He loves to be petted, is the first cat in line for treats, and romps around playing with toys, especially the squeaky mouse toys, which he proudly holds in his mouth while running through the downstairs rooms. His other favorite pastime is flopping over on the floor and watching the volunteers as they work away.

Merlin has endless love to give a calm, quiet household of people who will be patient with him as he still acclimates to humans. Therefore, the ideal situation for Merlin is adoption, but until that situation materializes, Merlin will live here in our safe and loving environment, and he would benefit greatly from a sponsor who would like to help with any medical bills he incurs, and, of course, his toys and treats!

General maintenance – $10


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