Tink looks more like a Tank, a muscular (and maybe a little pudgy) guy with the most beautiful gray and white fur. His outward appearance gives no indication of the chronic health issues that he deals with.

Tink was a stray living in a residential area where the residents were taking care of feral cats, before he came to Feline Friends. He was living in a basement area in a house and receiving food from some nice people who took a liking to him. Because he was difficult to medicate, Tink, who was ill at the time, came to live at Feline Friends.

He certainly is happy to live here, and his favorite activity is napping in the sun, snoring away peacefully. He has chronic rhinitis, which means that he has a relatively constant “sniffly” sound in his nose, like a little kid with a cold. He requires medication on an “as needed” basis for periodic flare-ups of this condition, and the medications are rather costly. Tink is also FIV positive, and has dental disease (a common side effect of FIV) which requires ongoing management. As such, Tink is one of our typical special needs cats in that he requires a multitude of treatments and/or medications, depending upon which of his maladies is acting up.

Tink enjoys living at the sanctuary, and we are happy to have him here. Formerly Tinkerbell (before it was known that he was a boy!) this big guy needs a sponsor who wants to help a loveable, pleasingly plump feline with his medical expenses, so Tink can rest easy knowing he has a nice friend out there to rely on, and even visit him, which Tink would like very much.

Various medications – $25


Medications and dental care – $40


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