Toby is a sweet and gentle middle-aged cat who was homeless and being fed by one of the volunteers for years before arriving here. The volunteer then noticed some critical health problems developing and called for help. Toby had to be trapped because he was very leery of human contact, but it was apparent from his sore, oozing eyes and significant scarring on his neck and ears that he needed care and love. He was humanely trapped and taken for immediate veterinary care, and we discovered that Toby is FIV positive. Toby’s FIV makes him more susceptible to infection than a cat without the disease.

Being put on daily eye medications and being fed a healthy, high quality diet have done wonders for this big black kitty with a heart of gold. Now, Toby is a gentle soul with lots of love to give. He cannot wait to get his first drink of the day from the water bowl and will sit and wait, purring loudly, while the cleaned bowl is placed on the floor. Toby will also lie on the feeding tray waiting to be fed! After his breakfast, Toby loves to sit on a special stool that has a nice soft cushion, close his big beautiful gold eyes and take a little catnap. It is here that Toby spends his days enjoying all the special care and attention he gets at the sanctuary.

We at Feline Friends would love to see Toby adopted into a special forever home, but because of his chronic eye condition and being FIV positive, Toby may never find that special family to take him home. Because Toby is FIV positive, he sometimes has a more difficult time fighting off infections than a non-FIV kitty does, and therefore his vet bills tend to be expensive. He also requires routine dental care, as is common with FIV positive cats.

If you have ever wanted a big, loving, black kitty, but don’t have the financial resources to fully care for a special needs kitty or room for him to live, please consider a sponsorship of our sweet, gentle friend Toby.

Eye medication and dental care – $20


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