After her owner died, Brandy was surrendered to Feline Friends for health reasons. She had been neglected, starved for affection and left pretty much to her own devices. Lonely and isolated, she had found solace with the only material available — food. Namely, dry kibble: a highly addictive kind of “kitty crack” with limited nutritional value. Without any other outlet for either play or attention, Brandy was dangerously obese.

Due her size, she had difficulty using the litter box. Unable to groom properly, she developed burns from her own urine on her rear haunches and down her back legs. She was extremely uncomfortable physically and, unfamiliar with her new situation, not yet willing to accept the help of the human volunteers.

Brandy was also distrustful of the other cats. She truly had no concept of what a “friend” might be.

We’ve been able to give Brandy what she needed most: time and love. She weaned herself off the kibble and slimmed down considerably. She is frequently found posing with her dainty front paws crossed. Though she developed arthritis as the result of her obesity, she freely wobbles about, seeking pats and cuddles from the volunteers, or a cluster of Feline Friends to snuggle with.
Brandy’s transformation from isolated neglect to cozy comfort is one of many that’s been made possible by the generosity of warm-hearted donors like you. Please consider making a contribution today.


Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($10 Recurring)

Monthly Sponsorship to help Feline Friends ($20 Recurring)

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