Our Mission:
Feline Friends, Inc. is a no-kill sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates cats. We do not discriminate against any cat based on age, medical condition, behavior or history. Feline Friends, Inc. is a sanctuary where cats stay for the remainder of their lives in a safe, healthy, loving and low-stress environment.

Feline Friends, Inc. was established in 1994 in response to the growing problem of stray and feral cats who had no where else to go but kill shelters, where cats with any medical or behavioral problems stood little chance to get adopted before their time was up.

We continue to operate with that in mind. We have become a sanctuary for those unlucky cats, whether they have behavioral problems, medical issues, or are simply considered “too old” to be adoptable. We are one of only a handful of shelters in Massachusetts who take in Feline Leukemia and FIV positive cats.

Feline Friends, Inc. is located in the hills of western Massachusetts, in a wooded area surrounded by nature. The cats live in a very comfortable, social, home-like environment. The Feline Friends facility is an indoor kitty playland, with plenty of towers for the cats to climb, toys for them to play with, and beds for them to sleep in. We have also begun to build a memorial garden to honor the cats who have since passed over the rainbow bridge.

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